Could your words work harder for you?

(Hint: Yes. Yes, they could.)

When properly wielded, words can make a world of difference in business.

It's true. Copy determines whether your website traffic converts or bounces. It influences whether people love, hate, or — worst of all — feel indifferent about your brand. It ultimately dictates whether you achieve commercial success.

But you already knew that. You don't need a lecture on why words matter. Rather, you need someone adept at using them strategically — someone who can craft copy that impacts your KPIs.

And it just so happens, that's kind of my thing.

Hi, I'm Logan Nickleson.

I began my professional career working at a digital marketing agency. And during my seven-year tenure there, I developed a range of useful skills as I got chummy with virtually every aspect of online marketing — SEO, web writing, paid search, content marketing, social media, email marketing, community management... you name it.

In my spare time, I studied persuasive psychology and direct response copywriting, as well as rode the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship while bootstrapping my own company. (Please don't ask about my social life.)

Now, I use my marketing expertise and business experience to create content that delivers results for fine folks such as yourself.

Think we could be a good match?

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