Logan Nickleson's face

Hi, I'm Logan.

I make things on the internet.

For much of my career, I've helped businesses grow their impact and bottom line with content and SEO. But along the way, I also learned to code, edit videos, and even navigate the world of entrepreneurship while running my own music licensing company.

These complementary skills allow me to bring unique value and perspective to projects I work on. As fluent in marketing and business as I am in product design and web development, I thrive in roles where I can fully exercise my range of abilities.

Ultimately, I'm a creator — happiest when making stuff.

Here are a few things I've made.

Write. Design. Build. Usually in that order. Most often within the context of the web.

Music for Makers →
I started this music licensing business back in 2015. As a solo founder, I've filled every role — including web developer, music producer, product designer, copywriter, SEO, and many more.

Keynote for Video →
I launched this course to teach people how to make animated videos using Keynote (the presentation tool for Mac). To date, hundreds of aspiring animators have taken the course.

Space Battle →
In 2019, I built a JavaScript-based video game as a Christmas gift for my family. This is a scaled-back version. The project was a blast, and I can't wait to develop more games.

Noted →
I created this minimalist note-taking app to give me a quick and easy place to jot down ideas or tasks. It saves text content to the browser's local storage (i.e., no database required).

Wanna chat?

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