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Who am I?

(Don't worry — that's a headline, not an existential crisis.)

Hi, I'm Logan Nickleson. For seven years, I worked at an advertising agency where I honed my ability to create strategic content that attracts, engages, and influences audiences. Along the way, I also gained experience as an entrepreneur by bootstrapping my own company.

But in 2019, I got hungry for a greater purpose. I wanted to use my time and energy to make an impact in ways that felt more meaningful to me.

So I now apply my marketing skills and knowledge to help ethical, green-leaning businesses increase brand awareness, audience affinity, and revenue.

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Cool stuff I've worked on

When crafted carefully, copy compels action. When approached thoughtfully, blog posts ignite movements. When deployed strategically, content can change the world.

As I've worked on the following projects, that's been my goal — to affect positive change in the world.

Tower Garden website screenshot

Tower Garden

What it is

Tower Garden is a vertical aeroponic growing system that helps people grow their own fresh, nutrient-dense produce while using only 10% of the water and space typically required by traditional agriculture.

My contribution

As content strategist for the brand, I wrote website, ad, and email copy, more than 100 blog articles, and social media posts.

Writing sample

Article: How to Save the Planet with Plants »

The results

Many of my blog posts rank highly in search for relevant, competitive terms, such as "indoor tomatoes" and "ants in garden." (Go ahead and check Google. I'll wait.) Consequently, my content drove 70% of the traffic from organic search and generated about 7,800 inbound links by 2018.

Hello, SEO.

Fun fact

Tower Garden introduced me to the world of gardening, which is now one of my favorite obsessions, ahem, hobbies. website screenshot

What it is is a nature-inspired meditation soundscape generator designed to relax and focus your mind.

My contribution

I built the website on the side for fun. Because we can all benefit from slowing down, right?

Besides writing the small amount of copy on the site, I served as designer, developer, and audio engineer.

Writing sample

Landing page: Enhance Your Guided Meditations »

Tower Farms website screenshot

Tower Farms

What it is

Tower Farms is the commercial division of Tower Garden. It's all about clean urban farming and sustainable food production at scale.

My contribution

I helped launch the Tower Farms brand and website by creating the content architecture and writing all the copy.

Writing sample

Homepage copy: Vertical Aeroponic Farming at Scale »

Fun fact

After visiting a Tower Farms operation in person, I wanted to farm for a living. It's that cool.

Music for Makers website screenshot

Music for Makers

What it is

Music for Makers is a simpler, more affordable music licensing solution for people who create videos, podcasts, and other cool stuff.

Unlike my work featured above, Music for Makers doesn't directly relate to health or the environment. (However, I do donate a portion of profits to The Nature Conservancy.) But it's been my personal project since 2015, and I feel I should at least mention it here.

My contribution

Though I do act as copy- and content writer for the business, Music for Makers is a one-man show. And that means I wear many other hats — including musician, illustrator, web developer, chief dog walker, bad dancer, coffee enthusiast, and more.

Writing sample

Article: 11 Ingredients of Every Great Story »

The results

In less than three years, I grew my email list to more than 15,000 subscribers and average monthly website traffic to more than 20,000 visitors — purely through organic means. And my music has been used by lots of awesome folks, from indie filmmakers to major brands, such as Hilton, Groupon, and FedEx.

Fun fact

I came up with the business idea while creating social media videos for Tower Garden. I couldn't find affordable, high-quality music to license. So I decided to make it myself.

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