I'm Logan. I craft digital experiences.

I began my career agency-side, helping businesses grow via content strategy. But along the way, I learned to code and built my own company. Thanks to this unique trajectory, I now bring a systems-thinking perspective and cross-functional fluency to the projects I work on.

You'll find some of my recent work below. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world wide web — enjoy the rest of your day!

The Wildest homepage

Role(s) Software engineer

Stack Gatsby (React, SCSS), Contentful

The Wildest →

As a software engineer at Kinship, I'm helping build The Wildest — a content-driven site that offers a range of digital tools for modern pet parents.

Music for Makers homepage

Role(s) Founder, designer, developer, etc.

Stack WordPress (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)

Music for Makers →

I've been running this business (built on WordPress) since 2015. To create a distinct experience, I designed and developed a bespoke child theme in 2019. But I'm currently in the middle of a major rebuild.

Role(s) Designer, developer

Stack Svelte (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Dogmapmoji →

Working with another designer / developer I built this app prototype in two days for a hackathon at Kinship. (We ended up winning the "People's Choice" award!) I designed the UI in the browser as I was developing the experience.

Butler Foot and Ankle homepage

Role(s) Designer, developer, strategist

Stack Gatsby (React, CSS)

Butler Foot and Ankle →

I originally built this website in 2014 (using just HTML and CSS). When the client requested some content changes in 2020, I took the opportunity to give it a full design refresh and modernize the tech stack.

Space battle game Space battle game

Role(s) Designer, developer

Stack Phaser (JavaScript, HTML)

Space Battle Game →

Just for fun: As I was working to improve my JavaScript skills a few years ago, I built this JS-based video game as a Christmas gift for some of my family. The project was a blast (and the gift, a success).

Wayfaring Woman Ceramics homepage

Role(s) Designer, developer

Stack Shopify (Liquid, CSS)

Wayfaring Woman Ceramics →

This was my first time building a site with Shopify. Though I relied on a template to get started, I made several code and design changes to customize the experience.